Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Award for us!

The big "DO" was at the Temple of Music and Art on Tuesday night and we didn't win anything!!

There wasn't even any food by 6 o'clock when it was supposed to start!! I guess the serving was earlier!! Anyway, it was fun to get a "flying monkey". It is a toy that you use as a sling shot and it makes an obnoxious screeching, monkey sound. Of course, I had to take it to work the next day and be obnoxious with it.

It was fun to be nominated and be a finalist. It says alot for perserverance and my staff. Maybe another time!!

We are FIVE years old already!! February 15th 2004 was the big opening day! I remember the very first patients, of course, HIPPA prevents me from writing that here!!

The weather is beautiful here in Tucson and I am out in the yard with the flowers more.

Don't forget to get out and get some fresh air, enjoy the beauty of where you are and bag some Vitamin D when the sun is shining. Don't get sun burned!!

Celebrate something in your life everyday! And remember , Thoughts become things, so think the good ones!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


What happened to 2008? Here it is February 6th and I am finally adding to the blog!!

Things are going well. Amy Strocsher has joined the practice. She is a family nurse practitioner who specializes in care of women so she is a perfect fit! We have a great staff and things are moving along well.
Marguerite Havlis is working with the Minute Clinics with Walgreen's, last I heard.

I am doing great and having fun doing new things and getting back into a healthier routine with Yoga and all. I can hardly do "downward dog" pose any more so it is a good thing I am getting back into it!

A New Creation Women's Clinic is a finalist in the SASIE awards this year.
That stands for Southern Arizona Smart, Inspiring Enterprise. We find out what happens on February 17th. How exciting and what an honor!! I was surprised when I found out and then I was nominated for NAWBO businesswoman of the year too! I guess it goes along with the first one.
NAWBO stands for National Association of Women Business Owners. Wow! Will let you know what happens with all of that!

I am working with Dana Reed Kane to put on some workshops about Bioindentical hormones. Oprah sure started something with her recent shows! We want every woman to know about how to feel great with hormonal balance!! If you want to learn more, contact Reed's Pharmacy at 318-4421 or my office!

TTFN!! Be blessed! Sharon C.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to work

After becoming a member of the "Hyster Sister" society, I have returned to work.

The surgery I had was done with a DaVinci Robotic system operated by Dr. Hank Hallum. Very 21st century, I think. It is done laparoscopically and vaginally. Everything is A-OK with me with no signs of cancer. PTL!!

Everything was past the "use by date" so it might as well be gone.

I spent about a week in "Vicodin land" and getting as much attention as I could.
After 3 weeks, I started cleaning out closets so I KNEW it was time to get back to work!!

So I am back full time next week. Worked half days for two weeks. I was surprised at how long it has taken me to get energy back!!

So looking forward to going about without a uterus to cause me any more grief! Seems a bit weird in a way but I am glad I only had one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wild Women

A "Wild Woman" is exuberantly female and has a marvelous way of getting to the point. Not everyone likes "Wild Women" because know what we want and go for it.
This includes health care. Who knows YOU better than you? This blog is for all of us who want to be the best we can be physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here we celebrate diversity and uniqueness of all women traveling together on our road to adventure in time and space.

I want you to be empowered to do what you need to do, ask for what you want, and get the health care you deserve.